Thursday, July 10, 2014

What time is it?

 It’s time to take a look on an essential accessory in a woman’s wardrobe, the watch. Choosing a watch is so overwhelming. There are so many things to consider. Regarding the style, which is so diverse, there are countless features you want to take into account.

Consider your lifestyle
I do suggest having different watches for both work and play if your lifestyle merits it or you simply like having variety. However, when buying a dressier watch, you should choose something that is classic or more lasting. Personally, I am not a big fan of sporty/technical watches even if they usually tend to cost less and has a night-vision feature, measures distances, calculates altitude, has a compass.
           Marc by Marc Jacobs

A Stainless-Steel Bracelet
Stainless steel is more practical than leather and is certainly more durable. It's dressy enough to be worn with a business suit and casual enough for other occasions. So not only is it versatile, but it's also waterproof. You could always go for gold if you wanted to drop some serious cash, but be careful since it might give off an unfavorable impression.

Imagine a watch that not only tells you the time, but also has the role of a real bracelet. This is an excellent idea that makes even more happier a woman.

The Face
Another thing that gets me when it comes to watches is the size and colour of the watch face relative to the wrist that's wearing it. Watch makers are continually coming out with watches that have larger than standard faces. In fact, it has become quite a trend. There is a trend to have dials and straps in exciting colors. Save the trendy colors for a second or third watch if you must, as it is more difficult to combine.


  1. That first photo is gorgeous! I am still in the market for a stylish watch that's not too pricey. These are great recommendations!


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  3. Gorgeous watches :X

  4. Love them all! I recently got really into watches when I received a silver Michael Kors watch as a gift, and now I want more (:


  5. i like the idea of having diffferent watches for work and play
    loved the first one the most
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  6. I love Michael Kors' watches! x

  7. OMG! The marc by marc Jacobs watches are my fav!!! This is a fab post! love your bloggy!
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  8. Oh, wow... Sara Designs' watches looks so luxurious, but I am adoring the simple and chic Marc by Marc Jacobs watches. :) Haha, I wear watches a lot and I really never think of any factors such as lifestyle when wearing them.. I just try to match them by colour with my outfit the most. X

    Chic Nikkie

  9. Gorgeous selection!

  10. I like the one with the pink face:)

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  19. Love it! I've been obsessed with watches recently, so it's nice to see a whole spectrum of them :)


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